Great job UNDERGROUND JAM! So impressed with the creativity and sense of urgency to get this done.

thank u so much for turning it around so quickly and smoothly
sam and i both loved how easy the process was. i will be a return customer for sure.

Thanks so much
We owe our biz to you guys!

You all have been fantastic and this has been an amazing experience for us!!! We really feel like our team just grew with all of you backing us this week. Thank you!!!

thank you everyone,
you guys are jamming for us and appreciate it very much
until the next one

Thank you for always killing it!

Thank you for making me look good.

Of course! You’re the best! UJ will always be my first call 🙂

“You guys won us so many jobs we had to take a vacation!”

making me look good the deck we did this weekend is going to become the basis for our branded content deck moving forward… You Guys are amazing..

This is looking AMAZING you guys!

I am very impressed. The screenplay is very entertaining and dramatic. I like that you put so much emphasis on developing the characters and making them come to life.
The history of a family within the local Rush St. scene and the glitzy entertainment world is a tantalizing contrast. And those family conflicts and ties that bind ring true to me and I think everybody. Your writing captures the essence of the family and the times within a compelling story. I am ready for the next episode.
I know that we are going to talk about many improvements and changes but I am confident that you will be able to incorporate them into a fantastic script.
Thanks for all your hard, creative, and professional work.

Awesome. Looks great. Great work as usual. You guys do NOT disappoint. More work coming your way!

DEAL :))

thanks so much team underground !! amazing work all around
very happy with all, now lets get this sold!!

“I must say you guys are just awesome. We have worked with many many treatment writers/designers, freelance or companies, and ya’ll just nailed it. Super professional. Crazy quick. Great copy and awesome design.”

Thank you
you killed it for us and saved the day

Just gave this a full read through and…….
I almost shed a tear. This is beautiful stuff Megan and Tory. This puppy sings. I think we are gravy!
So much to love!
Thank you both for your hard and wonderful work this weekend! I don’t want to do treatments any other way now after this experience. 😉

I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding work your team put in for us. This job really came down to the wire and the client felt more comfortable going with us because of your treatment work!

Thank’s everyone!
This looks great and so thankful I had
The best team to deliver this while I was up In the air. Awesome Job and fingers crossed

“Great work on the Dick Gregory blog. I’ve watched his interview, and it’s good to see that he’s still feisty. In fact, that’s a word that applies to many of your interviewees. There’s a countercultural bias throughout the interviews and the other raw materials that’s reflected nicely in the blog, and I anticipate that vibe will underpin the film segments too. I’d like to meet Tory Foster some time.”

Dear Tory and Megan,
Glad to meet you!
Elizabeth recommended you as the best experts in matters of the victorious treatments and as I see that this is so indeed)))

I think it’s pretty effen good.

You guys killed it. Thanks again.

Dream Team!

Wow great work team!! Really strong…really rad looking treatment.

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude in all you have done for and with me over this past year. The empowerment, education, kindness and support Underground Jam has given to me most certainly changed my personal and professional life for the better. Thank you for your support and encouragement in my growth and vision.”

This is looking AMAZING you guys!

Thank you, received!
I appreciate the fast turnaround and quick communication throughout on this – excited to see what happens, and feel strong going in with this treatment.

“We got awarded today- everyone at agency wouldn’t stop glowing abt the treatment- great job
Thanks again”

This was a bit of a chaotic one and I just wanted to say thank you for hanging in there and also staying on top of things.
I really enjoyed working with you and Tory.
And I’d love to get some of my other directors working with you and your artists.
Again I really appreciate you.

From Director: Thanks guys these look fantastic. You killed it once again!

Hello ladies and gents at UJM,
My blue-collar, ditch-diggin brain can’t even come up with words to say what an excellent “rough draft” this is. I can’t even believe that all that shouting at my bluetooth mike in the car actually became this document. You guys are obviously talented and quite experienced at this, I’m pretty blown away. I could just send this in and call it a beautiful day. :-))

this has my blessing.
Amazing work on this as always, I feel like I hardly had any revisions on this treatment!
Can’t wait to share this with the agency!

my win rate with you in baseball is over the top in baseball terms we’re batting like 900!

Team I love this!!! Personally when I see a treatment and I get it instantly, as in the vision is clear and awesome it always produces the best work! Lets do this!